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Say goodbye to single-use plastic!

Evercleaner are saying goodbye to single-use plastic! This eco-friendly brand was born after founders Ben and Casper realised the horrific amount of single-use plastic used in everyday life. So they engineered a solution for cleaning products, dissolvable tablets which drop into reusable bottles. Genius.
March 2021

Client: Evercleaner

Focus: Identity Design, Packaging Design, Social Media Content

Logo & Identity

This wordmark logo really brings out the personality of Evercleaner. The soft curves and thick stroke gives us that friendly fuzzy feeling inside. From our initial meeting with Evercleaner we knew this brand was going to be a bit different to other cleaning products. When they came to us with a product that's modern, practical and user focussed, we knew our branding had to reflect the same philosophy.

Packaging Design

Designed and shot in house, these products have been used all over the internet. From social media to the Evercleaner website. Turning a simple house cleaning product into something beautiful is just the tip of the Penda skillset.

Social Identity

We can never forget Social Media. Much like the product, we want to keep things clean! Open space, stunning nature shots and some stats keep the socials looking tip top, consistent and engaging.

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Client Quotes

Design Leads: Adam Fitness

Project Management: Charlotte Knightley

Design: Adam Fitness, Cal Saxby

Copywriting: Charlotte Knightley, Alastair Langsford

Photography: Adam Fitness, Benjamin Seer, Emily Rizza

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231 Chapel Street, Prahran,
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