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One Six Eight

A new standard for holistic wellness

One Six Eight is a purpose-built ultimate self wellness space which focuses on holistic sensory experiences to better the mind and body. Their philosophy is simple, there are 168 hours in the week and it's what you do with each of those hours that affects your physical and mental wellness. The space, located in Burwood, offers yoga, strength training, and breathwork classes. As well as a variety of recovery rooms to help people enhance their wellness experience.
June 2021

Client: One Six Eight

Focus: Identity Design, Social Media Content Creation, Landing Page Design, Launch Campaign

Logo & Identity

Elegance and strength. Often these two concepts are competing for attention but not in this logo. This clean branding represents the nature of the One Six Eight approach. Looking at everything holistically, ensuring there is a perfect balance between strength, flexibility and longevity.

Utilising a dot motif throughout the branding reintroducing the theme of the 168 hours. The dots give us flexibility and variety when composing flow or structure in the design, while the colour palette takes the edge off the high contrast photography we use throughout the branding.

Launch Campaign

To kick this brand off we prepared a hard launch. Giving One Six Eight a months worth of social media posts and templates so they can take the reins when business is booming. We generated a handful of ads and sent them into the big world with everything they need and a little head start.

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Client Quotes

Design Lead: Adam Fitness

Project Management: Emily Rizza, Charlotte Knightley

Design: Adam Fitness, Cal Saxby

Copy: Charlotte Knightley, Alastair Langsford

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