Revolver Lane

Work Weird 2020

Revolver Lane—our home turf—is a shared coworking space sitting pretty on Chapel Street in Prahran. We recently teamed up with these quirky kids to kick off their fresh new rebrand as well as give their recent work weird campaign some strong creative bones. We not only had a hand in the design of their physical space but also in their digital space, too. We work closely with Revolver Lane on an ongoing basis to keep their digital creative, social media, and performance marketing nice and healthy.


Identity Design
Graphic Design
Performance Marketing

We created posters for the co-working space, to bring the idea of Work Weird to life, filling the space with art and creativity that reinforced the beliefs of Revolver Lane.

Additional Merch
We also created numerous pieces of merchandise to help spread the awareness of Revolver Lane and the Work Weird campaign.