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Introducing Sanaa! Founded in early 2020, Sanaa was started by a group of creatives who were frustrated in trying to get designs to market. High minimum orders, ongoing costs, start-up fees, and a lack of business transparency made it near impossible to launch products. It became a no-brainer for the team at Sanaa to create a new e-commerce platform that actually cares about its artists. So this brilliant concept became a business and they came to us to build it!
March 2021

Client: Sanaa

Focus: Branding & Visual Identity, Website Build, Dashboard Development, Email Campaign

Logo & Identity

Our aim was to keep the branding subtle and flexible, this meant that the Sanaa contributing artists would always be a focus with the Sanaa brand framing and supporting their creations.  So we created this unobtrusive, yet, very stylish identity. The logo is shaped to reference an abstract ‘S’ and it comes alive in its flexibility and execution across the different communications. Place it together with the wordmark and this classy logo is good to go!


This pairing of typefaces is brilliant for contrast. New Spirit Semi Condensed offers a wild amount of personality that Sanaa leverages through titles and bold headings. Mixed with the subtle sans-serif font Inter, Sanaa can communicate important information as well as show off a lot of character.

Website Build

To ensure artists and customers get the perfect brand experience we also incorporated our branding throughout the Sanaa website, which we built from scratch. Oh and did we tell you it's fully integrated with shopify?

Dashboard Development

Our online executions don't stop there. Here you can see the Creator Dashboard that gives Sanaa Creators access to the backend of the Sanaa site. This means they can manage their own products, view ongoing orders and create products in an insanely efficient way.

Email Campaign

Another nifty thing we built out for Sanaa. This email chain is fully automated so Sanaa customers and creators gain the information they need as soon as possible. Meaning Sanaa can literally send emails while they sleep.

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Client Quotes

Design Leads: Adam Fitness

Project Management: Charlotte Knightley, Emily Rizza

Copy: Charlotte Knightley, Alastair Langsford

Development: Josh M, Emily Rizza

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231 Chapel Street, Prahran,
Victoria 3181
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