Future Focused

In some hot-of-the-press news, we just welcomed SpotEd on board as one of our freshest clients, and hoo-boy are they are taking off! SpotEd is a smart brand playing a strong game in the online education industry, and has already caused quite the stir in the e-learning biz. So far, we’ve given their brand a full glow-up, facilitated the rollout of new courses, whipped up some snazzy new course guides, carved out a strong and beautiful social media presence, generated 7,000 leads in only three months with our [and we cannot emphasise this enough] brilliant performance marketing strategy, and taken over the reins of community management. Are you impressed? ‘Coz we’re impressed. Also humble.


Identity Design
Campaign Creative
Performance Marketing

We created an identity for SpotED around the concept of 'Future Focused'.

We wanted to encourage potential students to take their future into their own hands and focus on where they want to be in the next 5, 10, 20 years. To look ahead and use now to plan for the future.

We used the eye motif to communicate the idea of looking to the future, encouraging students to open their eyes to the possibilities of their potential.

Pairing the eye motif paired with a forward facing triangle, signifies looking to the future. The eye could also be switched out for imagery, to send a more personable, or course specific message.

Brochure Design

We continued the new visual direction into the brochure design. SpotED is continually seeking out new courses to provide its students, and we helped get the information out to them through brochure design. Creating templates and documents that are easy to use and customise to each specific course, while maintaining the brand aesthetics of SpotED and the Future Focused campaign.

The brochures were designed to scroll vertically, almost like a webpage, as most students view these brochures digitally, page by page.