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The world's first on-demand platform for workspace. Switch unlocks your productivity with world class workspaces wherever and whenever you need it. Hire a private desk for an hour or an entire conference room for a day, Switch offers a convenient network of locations with a wide variety of types of workspaces.
December 2021

Client: Switch

Focus: International Brand Transition, Campaign Management & Social Media Content Creation

Moving to Australia

Starting in Singapore, Switch has begun it's transition into the Aussie market. This is where Penda comes in. Seamlessly transitioning the brand with expert knowledge of the Aus market, we have introduced Switch to international success!

Campaign Creation

In the current global climate (2020-2021) people are used to working from home. They've enjoyed the work/life balance it has provided and, in some ways are dreading going back to the way they worked before. Businesses and freelancers alike are unsure how to approach the return to work.

It's time to get flexible with Switch. Partnered workspaces provide an essential link back into the modern working world with a pay as you go, on-demand service that provides the flexibility current employees and businesses are craving

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Client Quotes

Design Leads: Adam Fitness

Project Management: Alastair Langsford, Emily Rizza

Design: Adam Fitness, Cal Saxby

Copy: Alastair Langsford

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