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The Business Hotel

A place for local entrepreneurs & businesses to call home

2020 has been a wild year, and due to the changing nature of workplaces and public spaces, Revolver Lane wanted to create a more flexible arrangement for its tenants. A space where it wasn't so much about long-term tenancy (though that is still available), but short-term stays, where people could come and work for one or two days a week. Enter, The Business Hotel at Revolver Lane, a place where you can stay for a little bit, or a long time.
July 2019

Client: Revolver Lane

Focus: Identity Design

Identity Design

We wanted to create something that separated The Business Hotel from the Revolver Lane Work Weird aesthetic, while still having it feel like part of the same space. They also wanted to make it feel like a more premium and classy offering, catering to larger businesses and corporations.

Through selecting typefaces, we discovered Margasa Display, a typeface that communicated a feeling of refinement, while also being loaded with character through its interesting shapes and forms. We paired this with the more straight-laced type family, Inter. A more conventional sans serif that is straight to the point.

When exploring colour, we wanted to take the colour palette that had already been established through the Revolver Lane brand, but give it a softer spin to make it feel slightly more relaxing, welcoming and approachable. We stuck with the Deep Purple of the Revolver Lane brand, but softened their pink colour to more of a baby pink. We then expanded this muted saturation out to a broader palette to provide the brand with more visual flexibility.

We also developed a simple line illustration of the building, again to evoke feelings of elegance and class, but also to provide a secondary mark that could be used in place of the full 'The Business Hotel' logo.

Taking cues from the architecture of the building, we created a holding shape that could be used across all communications for The Business Hotel. A shape that over time and through consistent use could become a strong visual cue for The Business Hotel brand.

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Design Lead: Adam Fitness

Project Management: Emily Rizza, Charlotte Knightley

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